Learn about NHS Wales systems and data

The NHS Wales Developer Portal will provide resources that help you develop software that works with NHS Wales digital systems.

This site will include technical guidance that explains how to integrate your applications with NHS Wales digital systems, what standards and regulations you need to consider, and what APIs are available to connect to.

The site and content are currently awaiting further development. If you’re interested in working for NHS Wales and have experience in technical writing, content design or software development, get in touch with ecosystem@wales.nhs.uk to find out about opportunities.

Who this site is for

Although the site and content will be public, the intended audiences will be software professionals (e.g., developers, product owners and architects) working for:

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier or partner and you’re not sure where to start, we recommend getting in touch with the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales team at Life Sciences Hub Wales.

Previous Content and Sandbox APIs

API user guides that were previously published on the developer portal have been archived as they are out-of-date.

If you previously signed up to access APIs in our Sandbox environment, then you can still use your API keys for access but bear in mind that we plan to migrate the sandbox environment to a new API platform. Before that takes place, you’ll receive an email notification explaining what actions to take.

A project is under way to deliver an NHS Wales API Platform, which will provide a secure and consistent way to connect to NHS Wales APIs for developing and testing your applications, ahead of getting approval for live usage in a production environment. The API Platform project is part of the National Data Resource programme.

Job Opportunities

If you’re a developer interested in working for NHS Wales, you can browse job vacancies at the links below or send a CV through to ecosystem@wales.nhs.uk